Finance – the What is Left – Budget Sheet

A few people over the years have asked me for a copy of my budget excel sheet. Its quite simple however have decided to post it on my blog in case anyone else would find it handy. Depending on everyone’s interest and time also would enjoy any comments for its improvement.


The basic intention of this excel sheet is to provide an indication of how much money is left ¬†for you to spend after you have catered for all expenses, including investment payments, etc. Hence the name: the “What is Left” sheet.

The idea is:

  • To list all your expenses in the sheet and rename it to <Month> <year> e.g. Jan 2014.
  • To continuously update after every set of payments:
    • Your bank account balance at the top.
    • Select “Yes” in the “Paid” column for those set of payments to acknowledge that they have been paid.
    • Review at the bottom of the sheet how much you have left over for the month.
  • Thereafter every month create a copy of the sheet and change the payment “column” to No.

I did not use any macros in this sheet, to avoid any security pop-ups, however depending on requests for changes may include macros at a later date.

Download Excel Sheet below:

What is Left – Budget Sheet v1

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