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What is Business Architecture in Practice?

The article aims to provide a brief overview of what is Business Architecture in layman’s terms. The topic is broad and entwined with Enterprise Architecture and a number of other methodologies and ideas. This is not specifically addressed in the … Continue reading

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Which Business School / MBA Programme? C-N-E

Deciding to do an MBA is ‘thought provoking’ and once you start your research, what you will find is that most articles can be categorised into one of two generally opposing camps Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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Planning for a long time ahead,consider using the CompactCalendar

Ever since I stumbled upon this some years back, I always use it to plan for events at work and home. The idea is simple, a whole years calendar on one page. The dates are  to the left of the page which … Continue reading

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Samsung ML-1670 Printer problem solved

At 03:00 AM,  I was suffering to print some notes I needed for an open book exam. The printer I had just refused to print. I’d click print and about 2 minutes later , it would print a timeout error. … Continue reading

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Can leadership be thought?

This was a question posed to the class when I was at the Graduate School of Business in Cape Town. Each student was asked to provide a brief response providing a view of their thinking. This is my view:  With … Continue reading

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