PowerPoint Addin: Send only selected Slides

I originally created this PowerPoint add-in in 2014, however till today… still get requests for it. I just wanted to distribute it in case it might make your life a bit easier.

How the toolbar looks once the PowerPoint addin is installed


Some of us have that situation, where people ask us for particular PowerPoint slides. Which often results in us copying and pasting, or saving a new version to the desktop and deleting the slides we don’t need, at times this can be a 10-20 minute issue (depending on the size of the deck). To help solve this I have spent some time creating an add-in toolbar which looks like this:

What this toolbar does?

It create 3 buttons, which do the following:

  1. The first button saves a copy of the PowerPoint presentation to your desktop only with the Selected Slides.
  2. The second button saves a copy of the PowerPoint presentation only with the Selected Slides to your desktop, and attaches it to a new email.
  3. The 3rd Button is a help button in case you forget what the buttons do.



I know some of the consulting firms buy software packages to add this functionality to PowerPoint, I just thought it would be cool and save some of our time if we had this feature.

The PowerPoint add-in attached to this email provides the functionality explained above, however please be aware that this has only been tested on Office 2010/ Office 2013+ and Windows 7, however I do not foresee it having problems if used on Office 2007 and Windows 7 – (Anything older and you on your own).

Also whilst this add-in does not delete any presentation content (merely copies), I will not hold myself accountable for any loss or issues you may perceive happened as a result of it.

You can download the required files you need from the link below or from my Github repository.

Send only Selected Slides v1


What is included in the attachments:

A zip file with 3 items, which includes a word document with installation instructions.

The zip file:

  • Includes a certificate, this you will have to install first, as it proves to your computer that the code was developed by myself and asks your computer to trust it.
  • Includes the add-in file which will need to be copied to the C:\Users\<Windows username or Employee number>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Addins\ folder
  • Installation instructions in word document format.


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