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Arrogance versus Confidence

  There is a thin line between Arrogance and Confidence, it is called Competence. Early in my career, I would hear it often mentioned that ‘I should not be arrogant,’ be open-minded. Take other views and listen to experience. This … Continue reading

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A Solar Solution design to meet the basic electrical needs of rural communities and disaster relief areas

  More than two years ago I started experimenting with power banks and solar systems. At some point, I thought to myself:  What would be a practical solution to meet the needs of individuals and families in; rural areas not … Continue reading

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PowerPoint Addin: Send only selected Slides

I originally created this PowerPoint add-in in 2014, however till today… still get requests for it. I just wanted to distribute it in case it might make your life a bit easier. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

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Simple Power Backup Build

What I needed? When loadshedding began, I was staying in a townhouse complex and needed a backup solution. Mainly for a few lights and my laptop and when all work is done my – media center. This article describes some … Continue reading

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What is Business Architecture in Practice?

The article aims to provide a brief overview of what is Business Architecture in layman’s terms. The topic is broad and entwined with Enterprise Architecture and a number of other methodologies and ideas. This is not specifically addressed in the … Continue reading

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30 Sec Productivity: Jump Lists

    Jump lists came with windows 7 and ever since I have started using them –  I have found it to be the most efficient way to get back to a document or file. Recently, I have picked up … Continue reading

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Which Business School / MBA Programme? C-N-E

Deciding to do an MBA is ‘thought provoking’ and once you start your research, what you will find is that most articles can be categorised into one of two generally opposing camps Be the first to like. Like Unlike

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Finance – the What is Left – Budget Sheet

A few people over the years have asked me for a copy of my budget excel sheet. Its quite simple however have decided to post it on my blog in case anyone else would find it handy. Depending on everyone’s … Continue reading

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Convert a Macro to an Add-in: Office Applications (Tutorial for PowerPoint)

Introduction: I wanted to convert a PowerPoint Macro to a PowerPoint Add-in so I could use the same macro code against multiple PowerPoint presentations, regardless of them being macro-enabled or not. For my purposes I needed this done in PowerPoint … Continue reading

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Costs of running a vehicle in SA – Higher?

Read an interesting article on MoneyWeb today: The article looks at the costs of running a vehicle in South Africa, UK, US and other countries. 1 person likes this post. Like Unlike

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