Samsung ML-1670 Printer problem solved

At 03:00 AM,  I was suffering to print some notes I needed for an open book exam. The printer I had just refused to print. I’d click print and about 2 minutes later , it would print a timeout error. This was quite bewildering as I had tested this printer with a few documents before, (I did take into account) however this was a much larger document than what I had printed previously.

This is a take on how I solved my problem in case any one has the same issue.

Samsung ML-1670: printer that had the problem

The document I needed to print was a PDF and I tried printing it using Adobe and Foxit PDF reader (both PDF viewers to those who don’t know), – still did not print.Thereafter I converted it into a word document and tried to print it that way – still did not print.What made no sense was that: sometimes it printed like 5 pages but then ‘stop and timeout’. It would print a few pages or none at all. I mean I can understand not printing at all, but a few pages and then fluctuating amounts of pages? One attempt it printed 5 another it printed 7.

After trying to print 5-7 times I decided to try and create another pdf out of the document and try and print the pdf to the printer – this failed also. Even the pdf printer driver could not handle the size of this file – considering it was only 1.2 MB (made no sense). Well after trying other things like creating new word documents and disconnecting and reconnecting the printer, I finally found this on Toms Hardware site (from Googling).

Apparently, some samsung printers do not get along well with long printer cables (I had a 1.5m cable). Fortunately I had a shorter USB cable with the same connectors ( from an external CD Drive I use from time to time). Connected the new cable, clicked print and boom everything working perfectly.

If anyone has this problem , I hope this post helps.

On a side note (for the technically minded): I found that Foxit PDF reader and Adobe Reader transfer substantially differents amounts of data to the printer spooler, before printing. Foxit was generating print documents in the region of 100MB for my print where as Adobe generated less than half of that when printing. Would be curious to hear if anybody else noticed this difference?



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4 Responses to Samsung ML-1670 Printer problem solved

  1. felix says:

    Dude, thank you very much for this post! I was already to throw the damn printer out of the window put I tried with another cable and everything started working. Before I installed several different drivers as well but nothing. Then a new cable and whoalaa everythings good again.

    Best wishes,

  2. Sarah says:

    Holy f****** s*&t!! i am so glad i found this. sheez louise!! i was also about to smash th s&*t out of my printer!! cant believe samsung is soooo stupid to have 5m cables when all you need is a nice short one!! shows you bigger isnt always better!

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