Plot of Fuel Prices against time in South Africa

Considering the last petrol price increases and the incremental decreases car manufacturers have managed to attain in fuel consumption, I wanted to understand what fuel price history would look like on a graph ( to relate this to some theories).

I searched and found a fuel price history sheet on Sasol’s site here. It had fuel price changes for the past 10 years bar the last increase. I just added the last increase and pasted the rest from the pdf I got from Sasol. What came out was the flowing (you can click on the image for a larger version):

After this , I thought what would be the real value running costs of an identical vehicle manufactured in 2001 vs one manufactured in 2012. In laymans terms has the petrol cost of running a vehicle changed considering new vehicles are much more fuel efficient or has the effect of the petrol price increased real value running costs? I deal with this question here.

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